This web site would not have been possible without the help of Riet De Block from the archive department of Compagnie Maritime Belge, who expertly searched the company archives for information about the ‘Gandia’, for which I am very grateful.

For my family tree research I must thank Annemie Renier in Antwerp for several hours trawling the microfilm reels in that cities archives. Her help was invaluable to me for finding out the details of the Belgian side of my family. Annemie has also done a magnificent job translating various french and dutch documents for me regarding the ‘Gandia’, which have helped immensely with my research. I could not have done it without her

Many thanks to Captain Jerry Mason, US Navy (Ret), for information and photos regarding the circumstances of the sinking of U135. His very interesting website can be found at

Many thanks to the United States Navy Historical Centre for providing lots of info about the USS Bernadou DD-153. They can be found at

I also recommend, a very useful resource for information regarding shipwrecks around the world. The site contains charts, photos, documents and information about diving on wrecks. They can be found at

Thanks to Bill Healey whose father was one of the sailors rescued by the Bernadou, for sending me documents about the sinking.

Thanks to Malcolm Clark for information about Leon Cnops, and copies of his sketches.

I must not forget my partner Anita, whose editing skills and knowledge of HTML has been invaluable

Thanks to Christophe Urbain Vaes for sending me details regarding his grandfather Albert Hubert. It is fascinating to actually have physical evidence from the Gandia disaster with the binoculars.

Any further information regarding the Gandia or any of the vessels and men involved in this story would be gratefully received by me Jon Travis. You can email me:

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