Newspaper Cuttings


This cutting is from an unknown belgian paper published in 1946. The article is written in french. Many thanks to Gary Monnaux.


The following is from The News Chronicle. The date is unknown, but I think it is early march 1942. Unfortunately the photographs that accompany the article have not survived. I have spent many hours trying to track down any archives that may exist, to try and obtain copies. But to no avail so far.
The next cuttings are also, I think,from the News Chronicle. Again no date.
I have tried to enhance the following two pictures from the french article above. The quality is not good. The images are of boat 4, taken just before the men were rescued by the Jao Corte Real. It seems that from a distance the crew of the trawler thought that the mast from the lifeboat might be that of a submarine periscope.